Potential Student or Openings

We always welcome brilliant people to join our group.  It is perfectly fine if you have only basic knowledge in database (e.g., SQL).  Therefore, students from various background (e.g., machine learning, computer graphics/vision, data mining, networking, pattern recognition, theory) are also welcome!

PhD Applicants

If you want to join our group as a PhD student:

  1. Make sure you fulfill the basic requirements,
  2. Fill up this application form, and then
  3. Send (i) the completed form, (ii) your transcript, and (iii) your CV, to dbgroup-at-comp-dot-polyu-dot-edu-dot-hk, with the email subject “RS Application”. Applications that do not conform to the specification above may not be reviewed by us.  [You do NOT need to submit your application to the university’s admission system at this stage]
Your application material will go through several levels of screening:
  1. Group Level: After a round of application material screening, a (phone) interview may be carried out.  If you pass the interview, you will secure a conditional offer from our group.  You shall then submit your full application material (e.g., with reference letters) to the university’s admission system.
  2. Hong Kong PhD Fellowship: Your application material together with the interview report will then pass to the university to apply for the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship program.  If your application passes the university’s screening, you will get the offer.  Furthermore, if you get the HK PhD fellowship (screened by the Hong Kong Government), your PhD stipend would be upgraded and your tuition fee will be waived.
Technical Requirements:
Apart from the basic requirements, we expect candidates to have:
  • Good programming skills
  • Solid mathematic foundations (e.g., probability, statistics, algebra)
  • Good at data structure and algorithms
  • Knowledge in Linux and C are preferable for students who want to work on system projects.

MPhil Applicants

The requirements and application procedure are the same as applying the PhD program (see above).  But you cannot apply for the HK PhD fellowship.

Research Assistant / Post-Doc

If you want to join us as a research assistant or as a post-doc, please send your CV (with list of publications) to dbgroup-at-comp-dot-polyu-dot-edu-dot-hk, with the email subject “RA Application” or “Post-doc Application”.

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