Directions to us

From Hong Kong International Airport:

  • Take taxi (about 250 HKD; about 30 minutes)
  • Or take metro (Airport Express line) to Kowloon Station (about 90 HKD) and then take taxi (about 60 HKD) [total about 1 hour]
  • Or take Airport Bus A21 (about 33HKD; get off at the the final station, Hung Hom MTR Station; slowest (about 1.5 hour); but also very easy because we are at the final station)

Taking MTR (Hong Kong Metro) (e.g., from Mainland China):

  • Get off at Hung Hom Station
  • When you get off the train, find the escalator that brings you to Exit A (don’t take the other escalators or otherwise you can’t reach Exit A anymore)
  • Cross the bridge and Core P is on your right hand side (you will be on the Podium level of the campus, take the elevator to the 7th floor)

Taking Bus:

  • Any bus with 3-digit bus number with the first digit as “1”.  E.g., “101″, “111″, “172″, “199″ (Note: A bus with 2-digit bus number, e.g., “11”, “17”, is NOT okay)
  • Get off at (Hung Hom) Cross Harbor Tunnel Station

We are located at PQ 7th floor of the campus (look for Core “P” is fine).


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